Drain ‘O’ Scopy Service

FOG Line Cleaning

How FOG Causes?

Food preparation and natural by-products of cooking carry fats, oils, and grease i.e FOG. Which becomes the main reason for blockage in the live kitchen. As the food products like butter, baked goods, eggs, sauce, meats, food scraps, and many more buildup FOG. Washing dishes also carry FOG ridden items through the garbage disposal.

FOG blocks the plumbing pipes and sewer systems as fats, oils, and grease are insoluble in water. Dish soaps don’t help but make it worse as FOG cools. When on the sewer surface it floats this hardens on pipes there stands an urgent need of cleaning or changing the pipe before blockage.

Guidelines to Handle FOG by Moralhygiene

Proper disposing of fats, oil, and grease can help you to protect your home environment and Mother Nature too. Follow these below steps:

  • Caution: Avoid pouring FOG directly in the sink instead use a sink strainer and dispose of food in the trash
  • Pre-clean: Greasy pans and dishes scrape into the compost or disposal. Dab them with a paper towel or use newspaper before you wash in the sink for dishwasher
  • To dispose of FOG composting bins and recycle drop off are the great places. As they can be recycled or reused as compost for gardening


Just a Call Away – Washroom Solutions at Affordable Price

Don’t hesitate just call Moralhygiene for professionals who can solve cleaning or blockage problems at your home or commercial place. For our all services we provide upfront pricing and also special importance to your emergencies.

Urinal Line Cleaning Service

Limescale is thinly solvable in water and builds upon the visible exterior of the urinal as the flush water vanishes. This is deposition increases due to the addition of warm urine. More to the collection of limescale, uric salts form coatings on the toilets and this causes additional blockages.

Blocked urinals repeatedly cause annoying trouble to your organization and can lead to costly repair if any damage caused by the overflowing of urinals. One of the best solutions to solve your urinal line cleaning service is Moralhygiene. We are specialists to remove scale build-up by the urinal waste guaranteeing to make the whole system blockage.

The Urinal Free Service key Feature

  • Checks urinal causing blockages and the related costs of blockage clean up
  • Standard hygiene service of the washroom
  • Service contains quick response callouts making a surely negligible interruption

We mean we are experts in this profession as our hygiene technicians are trained with industry-foremost RSPH qualifications, making them hygiene experts in all forms of cleaning and disinfection environments. In all manner of cleaning services we always on hand to advise you for the right hygiene service.

WC Line Cleaning Service

Due to lack of understanding the use of toilets certain disposable items such as toilet papers, diapers, and sanitary napkins are tried to flush but due to the vertical section of pipe, it gets blocked. It’s very in common we find even plastic cups, mops and cloth pieces WC toilet drain lines.

A thought to clean it by yourself using a rod or by using a pumping method may increase the problem. Instead of calling a professional to clean with the appropriate tool will you relief.

But if you find your WC functioning properly but still have uncouth smell problems within the washroom or WC than you must get quickly checked by your architectural designer or by the installer of the toilet seat. If in case there is some gap in installation or design there are products to cap this ever.

Service by Moralhygiene

  • Use plant solution for odor control and de-scaling which is safe for people sewage systems and pipes. This weakens the gunk and grime in the floor traps
  • Cleans with a manual auger to remove and reduce the blockage and clear the flush line

Odour Control Service

Odors from smoke and sewage can disturb your life and health. In certain, odor and particles continue floating for many days after a fire has stopped. Whatever may be the root of the problem Moralhygiene professional products and special equipment remove a wide range of odor so you can breathe again easily?

In some cases, multiple treatments are needed for the odor removal process. So for cases, our professional meet you and explain all the detail. For the best solution for your home, we give details step-by-step throughout the process.

Our Techniques to Remove Odor

An advanced range of deodorization tools are used to eliminate the odor from your home and office

  • Air Scrubbers: Use high-efficiency air filters that help to remove odors from air for safe breathing
  • Thermal Fog: Thermal fogs are used to cancel out odor and use a strong deodorized that enters all over the place the smoke traveled
  • Ozone: The oxidizing instrument is produced by a handy ozone generator
  • Hydroxly Producer: To remove the odors from your home use hydroxyl radicals